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Custom Swimming Pool Contractors


Our base price is $46,000

This is for an 80' perimeter, inground, custom, gunite swimming pool.

All of our pools come with:

  • 400 sq. ft. of Decking (concrete, spray deck)  
  • Flagstone, Brick or White Precast Coping
  • 6" Ceramic Tile Waterline
  • Marcite Plaster in white or light grey
  • Rainbow Automatic Chlorine Feeder
  • Paramount UV System
  • 460 Cartridge Filter
  • 2 HP Pump
  • 500 Watt Light
  • Timer (Dual Time Clocks)      

All pool and spa equipment will sit on a 4' concrete slab. (This slab is no extra cost to the customer.)

We can create any shape that you like, with gunite. The shape does not change the price. Pricing is based on size. Our base price is for an 80' perimeter, gunite pool. If you were to imagine that as a rectangle, it could be 15ft wide and 25ft long. 

Increasing the pool size costs $520 per linear foot.


This includes a 90' perimeter pool with custom coping and tile, white or grey plaster, 500 sq ft of concrete deck with Spray Deck texture and acrylic top coat. The spa measures 7ft across and has seating and massage jets enough for six people. It can be placed anywhere on the pool and includes a spillway into the pool. 

The pool and spa package also comes with:

  • 400,000 BTU Heater
  • 1.5 HP Blower
  • 6 powerful massage jets
  • 250 Watt light
  • All of the items listed in pool package.


We use top of the line equipment in all of our pools and spas.

Additions like more perimeter feet, waterfalls, slides, deck jets, LED color lights, a more expensive type of coping (like travertine), blue Diamond Brite, or extra decking will increase your cost a little.

Polaris Cleaner & Booster Pump $1,500

Additional Concrete Deck (rebar 18" o.c) with Spray Deck texture and acrylic top coat $15/ sq ft

Additional Perimeter $520/linear foot

Due to national gas price increases, we are having to add a 3% fuel surcharge to all  contracts. We hope this is temporary.


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Custom Swimming Pool Contractors

Located in Long Beach, MS

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 All of our gunite pools are beautiful and easy to maintain. Each comes with its own custom shape, plaster, tile, coping and decking. They are all standard equipped with top of the line filter, pumps, chlorine feeder, UV system, timers, 500 watt light, and Polaris 280 cleaner.

Competitive Pricing

6-8 Weeks Completion  (Weather Permitting)

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